This work was sparked by seeing the substantial increase of beggars at the traffic lights and wondering how they got there… beggars being the most visible representation of the homeless.

“According to a recent estimate by the Human Sciences Resource Centre, South Africa is home to approximately 200,000 street homeless people, a significant portion of the nation’s population of 53.5 million” (Rule-Groenewald et al., 2015)

The cut and paste technique in these photo collages echo the way in which the homeless are outsiders and the vulnerability inherent in that invisibility. There is no sense of belonging. One sees them but doesn’t see them. Here, their faces are often obscured by the positions they hold or the environment which has turned against them.

These stories are not my own. With the rise in petrol prices, the overall increase in the cost of living and the high unemployment rates, these are mythologies taken from the collective unconscious of all those who fear that one misstep could leave them powerless, in constant danger, in constant fear, in constant war with their physicality. Homeless or homeless in mind.

Time and place become unreal and protracted, woven together from other peoples photographs, forming a patchwork…

Photo Collages

Playground (2017 - 2018)

We all suffer from some form of addiction. For most of us it is manageable and mild and does not lead to ultimate ruin, like the addiction to always be right or smoking or sex. But for others it can be fatal. Here, the homeless woman is in an opulent nightclub, a place she would never be allowed to enter, the nightclub in her mind being the last thing she sees, wanting to be visible yet remaining invisible.

Out with the Old (2017 - 2018)

Once one reaches a certain age the workplace can become precarious. Have we saved enough whilst still having lived a worthwhile life? Can we keep up with the latest technology, which determines our ability to successfully navigate society? Or have we slipped into being beyond help…

Hostile habitat (2017 - 2018)

Living beyond our means is something we may do. Our environments may be beautiful and pristine but come at a cost and can turn on us when we least expect it.

Just Saying... (2017 - 2018)

Workplace bullying can lead to compromised performance which can result in a sense of hopelessness, quiet despair and the mistaken belief in a lack of options. One can be homeless in mind if not homeless in actuality.