The Beginning

travelling to who knows where

an accident waiting to happen

death is inevitable

watch your back


many worlds
These artworks are inspired by the quantum many worlds theory, which explores the possibility of multiple realities branching out from every quantum event.  Although quantum physics is usually applied to microscopic phenomena, some physicists have speculated about its implications for the macroscopic world. One of them was Hugh Everett, who first proposed the many worlds interpretation in 1957. According to this interpretation, every observation creates a split in the universal wavefunction, resulting in different versions of the observer and the observed in different branches of the multiverse.
The parallel universe in these images features three characters: a young girl, a young man, and an older woman. They are all variations of the same person, but in different worlds. They experience similar events, but at different moments and with different outcomes. Who can tell which one is the original and which ones are the copies?
Each of these worlds reflects an experience I have had in my own life, and the wonder of its repercussions in other worlds. What if the timing were different? What if I made a different choice? What if I were a different person? These artworks invite the viewers to question their own reality and identity, and to imagine the infinite possibilities that lie beyond their observation.

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